To improve the skill standard for Enhanced Aluminium Formwork Trade, BCA will be updating the existing Enhanced Aluminium Formwork practical test. Please take note that the revised practical test would be implemented from 1 May 2018 onwards.


    Step 1. Please logon to WTU Online System.

    Step 2. Move your mouse cursor at "Application", click "create".

    Step 3. Click "here" button (red circle).

    Step 4. Tick the box to accept BCA terms and conditions, then click "Next".

    Step 5. Select "Training Provider" and "Course Title".

    Step 6. Click "Apply" button (red circle).

    Step 7. Select disbursement mode and attach Business profile, then click "save & next".

    Step 8. Click "click here to add new participant" to apply your worker into the WTU system.

    Step 9. Fill in participant details and attach document required, then click "Save".

    Step 10. After saving, the WTU system will bring you back to the page to add on another candidate, if you have no more candidate to add on, then click "Next".

    Step 11(a). Check "YES/NO" box for the 5 declaration.

    Step 11(b). Scrolled down to the bottom of page to confirm your above declarations, then click "Save & Next".

    Step 12. Go through all of the information, click "Submit" if everything is in order.